Catfish Stringer 10M

Catfish Stringer 10M

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For retaining catfish in UK or abroad – must use for catfish over 100lbs.

10m soft cord and clip with instructionsStringers are the safest way to retain catfish, particularly large catfish abroad.The thick soft cord minimises risk of damage to fish.

To use, put the end (with the loop near) tied in the catfish’s mouth and out behind the gill cover before the first gill raker. It is critical to ensure the gills are unhindered. Then tie that end onto the loop securely, ensuring that the line through the fishes mouth is not tight – but is also not too loose. You should have enough room to put roughly two fingers between the stringer and the catfish. You can then put the catfish in the water and pay out the stringer cord. The other end can then be secured carefully – it is recommended with a safety knot as well.


Catfish should only be retained when necessary and for the minimum period of time. Always monitor retained fish and be vigilant for any sign of stress. Choose a site to retain the fish where it can access deeper water or some shade if in warm climate. The catfish will normally go out and then settle quietly. If the fish does not settle it is likely that the place is unsuitable so you should move the fish to a better place or, if none available, release the fish immediately.

Beware of snags – you do not want a strung fish to get caught round underwater branches for example.      

Always check fishery rules on retaining catfish if fishing in the UK or France