Dyson Rig - Rig Kit
Dyson Rig - Rig Kit

Dyson Rig - Rig Kit

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Originally developed for up in the water eel fishing, Catfish-Pro consultant Simon Poole pioneered the use of this rig for catfishing over the last 6 years. Since word getting around more this rig has also accounted for many good catfish with the advantage of being able to adjust the depth at which you fish whilst presenting a bait away from mainlines.          

Rig Kit Comprises components to make 4 Dyson Rigs;

1 x pack 4 x 4cm green Egg Poppers

1 x pack 4 x Super Slider run rings

2 x pack of 2 XXL Stopper beads

1 x pack 4 x 100lb croslok swivels

1 x pack shrink tube

1 pack 4m 44lb Toughlink Fluorocarbon

1 pack 10m 25lb monofilament 

1 pack 10 10mm rubber beads 

1 pack 4 x 2/0 Barbless circle hooks

1 pack 4 x helicopter rattles 

Ready made adjustable buoyant bomb link using Catfish-Pro tackle items; Super Slider Run Ring, 4cm green egg popper, XXL stopper beads, 100lb croslok swivel, on 40lb monofilament. If you want to make a longer bomb link there are extra XXL stopper beads included in the rig pack.

Total RRP £33.99 - Rig Kit price £29.99